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Want to learn from the Master himself?

Joe Vitale's Hypnotic
Sales Letter Analyzer

Your first step in writing sales letters nobody can ever resist!


Give people a fish,


and today they won't be hungry.
Give people a fishing rod, 


and this year they'll catch their own fish.
Teach people how to make the rod, 


and they'll feed themselves for life.

You probably don't realize it yet, but by the time you've finished reading this page, you will have made a choice about how to value your self. Which can change your life...

Dear friend,

First things first! Before you read any further, I want you to decide if Joe Vitale's Hypnotic Sales Letter Analyzer is the kind of software you are looking for. The question for you to answer: Do you want instant sales letters or do you want to be a master copywriter?

“Thanks to you Patricia, for creating "Joe Vitale’s Hypnotic Sales Letter Analyzer", I will be using your excellent tool on every sales letter I write from now on. 

Every time I go through the check list I feel like Joe is sitting right there next to me helping me get more sales. It’s wonderful, thank you both so very much."

Reed Floren

You see, there are several programs around which will make you instant sales letters. Instant killer sales letters even. Or so they claim. This program is not one of them.

Let's get really clear about this now!

If you want a program that does all the creative work for you, go search somewhere else. There are numerous software tools that will do this for you. You'll just enter your subject and some other information required and presto, out rolls a ready-made sales letter. Will it be a good letter? Perhaps. But will it be a master letter? 

Will you copy the world or become a master yourself?

With everybody getting themselves instant killer sales letter programs, how are you going to stand out? How are you going to get across to your readers that you are not out of a box? That you're not into one-two-three push-and-ready product? You deliver quality, right?

"When I first got this program, I was so excited about it I couldn't wait to try it out..... That's when it hit me! The dreaded "WRITERS BLOCK" I went totally Brain Dead!!!! Here I'm looking at this perfect program and I can't think of a thing to write! :(

Then I had some questions and I got super fast replies from Patricia. The tech support is definitely top notch. She answered all my questions -- even the dumb ones.

But with that said --- Once I got into it -- it was so easy to do and the resulting report sure opened my eyes. It pointed out things that I had overlooked and other areas where I need to improve it (Little Tweaks).

Think about it!!! How many times have you had to re-write and re-write your letters over-and-over again till they where just right and the sales where finally coming in like you wanted or expected?

Joe Vitale's Hypnotic Sales Letter Analyzer you'll save yourself a lot of time and money -- "AND" put more money in your pocket faster."

Bill Oertel of Welfab Marketing

Your quality is right within you. Believe it or not, everybody has truly unique qualities and when you're marketing what lives in your heart, you are half-way being a winner. Though writing sales letters may never be your greatest talent, everybody can learn to write a truly unique piece that will enchant your readers. 

The questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Will you learn hypnotic writing? 
  • Will you stand out from the crowd? 
  • Will you be a winner?

Only if you've answered all three of these questions with a whole-hearted YES!... Only then this program is going to benefit you. 

What will Joe Vitale's Hypnotic Sales Letter Analyzer do for you?

It will help you become a hypnotic sales letter writer

You provide Joe the key ingredients to your sales letter and after you've done this, he'll take those ingredients and together you'll run them through the Secret Sales Letter Check-List. Together you'll look at what makes a powerful sales letter and you decide whether your letter qualifies or not.

First Joe will take you through 13 steps:

  1. Your intent for this letter
  2. Headline Basics
  3. Brainstorming Headlines
  4. Letterhead or Logo
  5. Opening Paragraph
  6. Your Offer and its Advantages
  7. Positive Language
  8. Adding Emphasis
  9. Boosting Interest
  10. Testimonials & Guarantees
  11. Concluding your Letter
  12. Your Bonus Gifts
  13. The P.S.

You can click the link to the first 6 steps to get a screenshot image of how the software looks. As you can see: all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

Download a Free Trial Version

Then Joe will run your answers over his super secret hypnotic sales letters check-list which covers 21 different elements to writing hypnotic copy.


"I think "Joe Vitale's Hypnotic Sales Letter Analyzer" is a truly useful tool. The questions to answer are good and clear, and I like the fact it's setup for easy printing. The Final Analysis is VERY useful. Especially the questions and the fill in the blanks throughout the Analysis. But most of all, the Check-List Summary!"

Matt Fulger


So you don't get a ready made sales letter. But you do get invaluable advice on how to transform your existing sales letters into a piece of writing that no reader could ever resist.

And of course you get BONUSES!

Because once you've started re-writing your letters, you're going to want more. Hence this program comes with 7 powerful bonus eBooks that will help you refine your writing and marketing skills:

  • The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History
    by Joe Vitale
  • Hypnotic Sales Letter Templates
    by Larry Dotson and Joe Vitale
  • The Ultimate Spiritual Marketing Course
    by Joe Vitale
  • Guaranteed Success Thinking
    by Jim Edwards
  • Million Dollar Emails
    by Yanik Silver
  • 30 "Small but Powerfull" Business eBooks
    by Larry Dotson
  • Site Build It Action Guide
    by Ken Evoy

These 7 eBooks by acknowledged marketing experts alone make your investment more than worth it. Study them. Study their letters. Study their techniques. You will profit from it in numerous ways.

You will also receive:

  • The 3 Minute Money Magnet
    Totally Hypnotic Software by Joe Vitale which includes an audio that will change your mind about how much wealth you actually deserve...

The value of this program? Priceless!!

So what would you consider a reasonable price for improving your sales letters to the kind no reader could ever ignore?

If you take a look at Joe's website you'll find that Joe's fees are:

  • Sales Letter $12,500 and up
    Okay, this software isn't exactly going to deliver you a personally made sales letter by Joe Vitale himself. You still get to do the writing.

  • Email Letter $2.50 per word ($1,000 minimum)
    Nor is this software going to produce a ready made email letter by Joe. 
    Again: you get to do the writing yourself.

  • Critique $650
    You also aren't going to get topic specific critique. This would be beyond the scope of a software program. 

  • Consulting $500 an hour
    Ah, now we're getting close: a consult. Because that is what this software does deliver: a step-by-step analysis of the key ingredients that make up killer sales letters and lots of advise on how to tweak your letters to be just that.

Now I'm not going to ask you to invest $500 even though you get many hours of digital consulting for EVERY sales letter you want to analyze with this software. I'm not even going to ask you to invest $100 whereas on top of the software you are also getting free hypnotic sales letter templates to use as examples.

Instead your total investment for starting a new way of marketing, a new way of living, will only be: $47!

Grab your chances today! Not only will you receive Joe's Hypnotic Sales Letter Analyzer, you will also receive 7 bonus eBooks from some of the smartest marketing minds on the net plus a priceless program to help your mind accept that wealth can be yours too! And naturally all this 100% guaranteed risk-free.

If you find that within 30 days of using the software you haven't been able to improve one single sales letter you've written, you will receive a complete refund and you get to keep your bonuses. Guaranteed.

So, will you become the next hypnotic marketing master? 

You'll never know unless you begin to analyze your sales letter for hypnotic ingredients right now! Go for it!

Patricia Ritsema van Eck
Expert on putting a smile in your heart

Imagine yourself 20, 30 or 40 years from now. Looking back on your successes and knowing: I've done it all by myself. How would that feel? Just feel...

For any questions you have regarding the order process, please visit the Customer Care Center.

This software comes with a one-user-only license. I really appreciate it if you want to tip your friends about this. Join our affiliate program and it will even earn you a 50% commission! Or else...


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"I just ran through your and Joe's Sales Letter Analyzer. Having seen similar tools before, I honestly wasn't expecting much, but I was DELIGHTED with the HTML results. I now have a great start on the sales letter for my upcoming membership site.

Keep up the good work, Patricia. This will be helpful to a lot of people."

Sheila Martin

Still not convinced? 

Download my free trial version and test the software first. You get to fill in all the first 6 steps and will receive the analysis report for the first 5 only. Still, it gives you an excellent taste of what you can be expecting when you order the fully functional version which also includes the bonus eBooks. Click here for the trial.

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